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Feminine without being girly, relaxed but with a refined edge, RIXO fuses the best of the old and new, being an extension of the founders’ own free-spirited personal style.
— http://www.rixo.co.uk/biography/

We recently had a small package delivered to the Bias Peckham store. Inside it were a number of smaller items delicately wrapped in a pastel pink tissue paper and secured with a green sticker that said 'RIXO LONDON'. Founded by London College of Fashion alumni in 2015, Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey, it's a womenswear label offering distinctively British and vintage inspired clothes. A new brand for Bias - Sally, Jo and I decided to look at the collection together, so we  all witnessed the wonderful explosion of colour and pattern that popped out as we unwrapped the paper and carefully examined each piece.

It was refreshing to see some bright coloured, and unusual hand painted original prints - mainly floral but a couple boasting a combination of multicoloured leopards, gibbons, crocodiles and alligators... which sounds a bit crazy if you aren't in to animals - but stick with us!

What really gives the garments an edge is their construction - the combination of these prints on high quality 100% silk fabric in a variety of elegant, vintage-inspired shapes. We chose a dress, a duster jacket/ dress (depending on how you choose to wear it!) and two blouses. Their colour palettes are uplifting and each item is sophisticated and individual. Collaborating with highly skilled English factories, the RIXO girls vigilantly oversee the whole garment process with longevity in mind, so every garment can be cherished forever, from one season to the next.

 Jo (Co-manager of Bias) wearing Rixo 

Jo (Co-manager of Bias) wearing Rixo 

We are really excited to be stocking some garments that are a little different for the store - we hope you love them as much as we do. They range from £165 - £318 so if you are looking for a really special outfit for a wedding or party this summer, definitely look out for RIXO when you are next in Bias - although, it's pretty hard to miss!

Rachael, Bias Peckham



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