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Created in 2011 Danish label Anerkjendt is a men's streetwear brand, aiming to sense and catch the street vibes from all over the world and translate them into their own style.  Whether they’re hand picking fabrics in the far east or exploring the underground in Berlin they are inspired by the everyday man they see on the street.  They then bring all of those inspirations back home with them to Copenhagen and transform them into the next Anerkjendt collection. 

Come to the shop and see what the collection is all about and why it's quickly becoming a Bias team favourite!

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Sofie Schnoor
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Sofie Schnoor looks set to become a very popular label at BIAS Harrogate. It only made its first debut on our Insta Pages last Friday and already its getting lots of coverage and we’ve sold several pieces. With its flowing wrap dresses, beautiful loose fitting kimonos and smart silky trousers the collection looks great for these spring nights. With fabric that has a silky feel, prints that are pretty and flowery, and almost every item under £100 they’re are a steal! Team the dresses with footless tights and a long sleeved tee for those cooler evenings or the trousers and skirts with a simple strappy top for those warmer nights.

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Decoration and Adornment are the inspiring words behind this brands focus.  First conceived in 2011 by Helen Clement, a self confessed accessories fiend, ex- interiors and fashion buyer.  Helen's mission was to create and source beautiful and unique jewellery.  

Ethically sourced from beneath the equator in Uruguay and Brazil.  Each crystal is hand selected and handmade into a rare and distinctive piece of wearable jewellery. 

From sparkling crystal rings to stone pendants there's something for everyone in this collection.  Stack together the mini crystal drusy rings for a truly unique look or make a statement with one of the jasper black and white pendants. 

Come shop the gorgeous collection in either store North or South for a one of a kind gift for yourself or a friend. 


Naya Munthe established her brand (originally known as muntheplussimonsen) in 1994 in Denmark wanting to create a visually arresting clothing brand that combined her love of casually elegant pieces that retain a high end edge.

Combining vibrant colours with the relaxed, easy to wear tailoring that Scandinavian fashion is so well known for, Munthe quickly rooted itself as a label recognisable for intriguing prints and unique detailing.  

Constantly evolving to stay ahead of its competitors, Munthe retains a commitment and dedication to powerful femininity and quality.

Current Bias favourites are the high necked ruffle blouse in gunmetal with striking dark floral print and the soft mohair knits shot through with lurex thread. 

Your Christmas outfit: sorted.

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New to Bias: Libertine Libertine

A mere baby by Scandinavian label standards, Libertine Libertine was established in 2009 in the vortex of the recession by Rasmus Bak, Pernille Scwarz and Peter Munch Ovesen. 

Motivated to create a brand based on high quality and well designed garments that strive to, in their words, 'stimulate the creative soul without restrictions'. They are inspired by city lights, wild shores and contemporary culture of their homeland. Every single item is produced in Europe and with rigorous attention to detail by sourcing the best textiles and manufacturers. Beginning with a few select product groups, the brand has grown naturally into a versatile label spanning a full collection.

Classic cuts are given a modern edge with an alternative print or a new texture. Simplicity and practicality play their part: fabrics are timeless and easy to wear.

Menswear is currently inshore. Womenswear drops mid-October.