Q: How long has Bias been open?

A: Bias opened in September 2012 so we're about two and a half years old. My years in teaching have me tuned to academic school years and so September seemed as good a time to open as any. 

Q: Why did you call the shop Bias?

A: I like the way the word has many interpretations. I've always been interested in current affairs and think it's fascinating how people can present information in different ways. I've always thought clothes cut on the bias look stylish and so it seemed a good name for a clothes shop. We've reflected that cut in the logo and branding materials we have.

Q: Are the clothes at Bias Fairtrade?

A: No, not all of them but I always look at the countries where the clothes are made and try to ensure they have an ethical story. Most of my brands are made in Europe or in small family run businesses in India and Bangladesh. It's a tough one but if customers are looking for affordable clothing unfortunately they tend to be made in countries where staff conditions are not so good. 

Q: Where are your favourite places to go in Peckham?



Q: What are you opening times and do they change?


A: Well I love Bellenden Road - but then I would say that wouldn't I! I'm always proud of the fact that I bought all my Christmas presents within a 500m radius from BIAS - courtesy of The General Store, Review and Lois. Miss Tapas on Choumert Road is my most recent find - I love that style of eating and with a good glass of red wine - well what better for a Friday evening.

A: They do tend to change a little and I know that can be a little frustrating but we're always trying to respond to customer need.